Academic / Education
VO supports world-class academic and educational practice across civilian, commercial and military spheres to help researchers, educators and trainers filter value from the noise of a constantly expanding information universe.
VO supports market and supply-chain strategies for agriculture and agriculture-related enterprises, including food manufacturing, procurement, banking and energy. You benefit from market data, forecasts and analyses, as well as standards, agricultural engineering practices, product data, regulatory information and sustainability solutions.
Automakers, suppliers and dealers benefit from our services to understand and take action on global and local opportunities, risk, regulation and the disruptive impact of technology and “big data.” VO delivers data-driven solutions spanning the value chain, from concept product position to sales, marketing and the aftermarket.
Financial Markets
Around the world, bankers, asset managers, corporate finance professionals and insurers must calibrate their investment and lending decisions against a background of economic uncertainty, geopolitical unrest and interdependent industry dynamics. VO assists you in strategic planning as well as optimizing your investment and loan portfolios with our economic forecasts and analysis.
Government and NGOs
From the local to the national level, governments face competing pressures to increase services, cut budgets, drive growth, and protect citizens from a growing spectrum of threats at home and abroad. They are joined by NGOs, which support agency personnel and program strategies as well as providing on-ground support.
VO supports insurance and reinsurance companies with market entry, risk selection, technical pricing, capacity allocation and investment management. Customers confidently develop market opportunities in new territories, perils and lines of business, and identify risks that offer optimum allocation of capital.
Life Sciences
VO helps maximize product pricing and reimbursement strategies, pipeline development, and sustainable operations for government, corporate and association clients in the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries. We crunch data like policy shifts, patent expirations, corporate M&A, regulatory changes and therapeutic market developments.
Whether they build consumer products or industrial/capital goods, manufacturers must keep pace with rapidly changing technologies, materials and customer preferences. Producers across all industries face the complex challenges of tracking global economic trends and complying with engineering standards while maintaining profitability.
Media and Advertising
VO helps businesses navigate the shifting competitive environment for media content, development and distribution. We provide comprehensive tracking of markets, metrics and strategies via our detailed analysis, data and insights on content provider and channel operators across the whole of the global media landscape.
VO provides complete coverage of the global retail and consumer landscape, leveraging our expert analysis of demographic, socioeconomic and technology trends and our long-term forecasts of income distribution and consumer spend.
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