Analytics will increasingly play a significant role in the integrated and global industries today, where decisions of analytics practitioners may impact the decision making at the highest levels. However there is a fair bit of subjectivity available in the hands of a data scientist, whose work can be tweaked any which way to prove a point.

       □  Analytics is not an exact science. Two analysts can work on a single analysis to come up with widely different results.
       □  There can be dozen of ways to solve of single problem with various steps to reach to conclusion.
       □  Data scientists have to make decisions almost at every steps of analytics process. There is a fair amount of human judgment & assessment that goes into creating an model.

There's a substantial risk in case of a wrong, misjudged model / analysis / statistics that can jeopardize the proper functioning of the business. Code of governance, ethics, standards or even documentation should be deeply ingrained in the analytics projects, which would act as guidelines for data scientists during tough decision-makings.
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